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Achieve More with XRDriver's Simplified Solutions

Step into a world where progress is made simple. XRDriver paves a clear path for your team to work smarter and achieve more with less. Discover straightforward solutions that fit right into your daily operations and watch productivity soar

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About Headshot Example buildicon


XRDriver integrates into your Unity or Unreal Engine projects in seconds and instantly provides precise control over user interactions, in-game objects, and device inputs in real-time.



Rapidly create automated tests with XRDriver’s built-in recorder and connect directly to the test for pin-point accuracy. Automate anything from detailed component simulations to expansive in-world walkthroughs. XRDriver supports your comprehensive AR & VR testing needs.

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About Headshot Example testicon
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Run tests locally or in a broader build system on any supported XR devices. Growing test sets help provide improved quality and faster time-to-market in complex and changing applications.

The XRDriver Checklist

Our Solution for Future-Proofed XR Development

Leverage Existing Expertise

Build on your team's established skills with our NUnit-based automation, ensuring a smooth transition to advanced XR testing and deployment

Standards Compliant

Innovate and verify your XR designs with our industry-compliant platform, which embraces standard object identification protocols, promoting a seamless and standardized development lifecycle.

Minimize costs with
virtual HMD technology

Cut down on hardware investment while expanding your testing capabilities. Our virtual HMD technology simulates real-world environments, providing a cost-effective solution for your development needs

Compatible with existing infrastructure 

Our platform integrates effortlessly with your existing CI/CD systems, such as Jenkins and Azure DevOps, to maintain continuous development with minimal disruption

Enhanced Compliance with Traceability and Reporting

Uphold exemplary compliance and quality standards with our sophisticated traceability and comprehensive reporting tools, streamlining audit processes and regulatory compliance

Extensibility with Third-Party Libraries

Broaden the scope of your XR projects with the ability to incorporate third-party .NET libraries. Leverage the full spectrum of the .NET development ecosystem to innovate and expand your applications


Precision at Pace: Tackle the dual challenges of rapid innovation and meticulous quality control in manufacturing with XRDriver's automated XR testing, enhancing both speed and accuracy.



Energy and Utilities

Operational Excellence: With XRDriver, navigate the complexities of compliance and the demand for sustainable practices by automating XR testing for operational and safety procedures.

Healthcare and Medical

Patient-Centered Technology: Address the critical need for error-free medical XR applications with XRDriver's testing solutions that ensure precision and reliability in patient care and medical training and beyond.

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Defense and Public Safety

Uncompromised Security: In defense and public safety, where there's no room for error, XRDriver's automated XR testing solutions deliver reliability for mission-critical applications and training.



Education and Research

Enriching Discovery: Overcome the educational barriers to engagement and retention through XRDriver's automated testing, crafting immersive and accurate XR learning experiences that captivate and educate.

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Retail and Consumer Goods

Engaging Consumer Experiences: In retail, differentiate with flawlessly executed AR/VR experiences verified by XRDriver's automated testing, driving consumer engagement and loyalty.

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