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Built on proven core technologies pioneered by the global video game industry, XRDriver (by GameDriver) delivers unmatched automated testing solutions across a variety of XR, immersive and interactive experience industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Life Sciences, Industrial, Energy, and Education. Resulting in faster time to delivery, greater test coverage for increasingly complex projects, and greater consistency.

Leverage Existing Expertise
Build on your team's established skill-set with our Selenium-like approach to testing in XR

Minimize Costs 
Cut down on hardware investment while expanding your testing capabilities with virtual HMD technology

Adhere to Regulations
Innovate and verify your XR applications comply with industry regulations and standards

The XRDriver Commitment

"Blending innovation, precision, and a deep understanding of the XR landscape, XRDriver delivers an unmatched solution for automated testing. Our dedication to your success is unwavering — from initial concept to final release and beyond."

Quote from Robert Guiterrez CEO, GameDriver Inc.

Effortlessly integrate XRDriver with your Unity, Unreal, or custom engine projects to unlock complete control over user interactions and virtual environments.
Harness real-time precision in managing digital assets and inputs, refining your development workflow for maximum efficiency.

Create precise automated test scenarios with our built-in recording tool. Engage directly with your tests to ensure total accuracy. Automate everything from detailed component behavior to extensive environmental walkthroughs for thorough coverage.

XRDriver is engineered for scalability, enabling test execution across both local and extensive enterprise build systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of XR hardware. Enhance your testing processes to ensure top-quality results and accelerate your product's journey to market.

Less time spent manual testing
Reduction in VR fatigue
Improvement in compliance test traceability

Addressing Sector-Specific Needs with Advanced XR Testing


Precision at Pace: Tackle the dual challenges of rapid innovation and meticulous quality control in manufacturing with XRDriver's automated XR testing, enhancing both speed and accuracy.



Energy and Utilities

Operational Excellence: With XRDriver, navigate the complexities of compliance and the demand for sustainable practices by automating XR testing for operational and safety procedures.

Healthcare and Medical

Patient-Centered Technology: Address the critical need for error-free medical XR applications with XRDriver's testing solutions that ensure precision and reliability in patient care and medical training and beyond.

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Defense and Public Safety

Uncompromised Security: In defense and public safety, where there's no room for error, XRDriver's automated XR testing solutions deliver reliability for mission-critical applications and training.



Education and Research

Enriching Discovery: Overcome the educational barriers to engagement and retention through XRDriver's automated testing, crafting immersive and accurate XR learning experiences that captivate and educate.

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Retail and Consumer Goods

Engaging Consumer Experiences: In retail, differentiate with flawlessly executed AR/VR experiences verified by XRDriver's automated testing, driving consumer engagement and loyalty.

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Medical XR: Precision & Care

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